Belize e480L Lounger Spa Review

Belize e480L Lounger Spa Review

The Belize e480L Lounger Spa is probably one of the most efficient hot tubs out there that also comes with a lesser price (around thousands less) compared to its competitors of the same quality.

This hot tub has a cut corner entry which allows it to be easily tucked away into almost any space that you can imagine. It is engineered to be maximum energy efficient at 230 gallons and is ideal to be used by couples or perhaps some occasional guests. It allows 4 people to be comfortably seated which comes with a comfy headrest and a great therapeutic lounger.

You will surely enjoy the soothing hydrotherapy massage and it’s all thanks to the 38 jets that are powered by a 3 HP pump. It also comes with a delightful waterfall which will surely add to the relaxing massage that the water can provide.

This hot tub has an insulated hard cover and hails that stunningly beautiful carefree cabinet that is perfect for making its look last that long. The high capacity ozonator and water filtration system will ensure that it will only produce soothing, crystal clear water. It has a low maintenance, premium quality package with its space-saving design which will make the hot tub last for many years to come.

This green technology hot tub is created to satisfy the needs of demanding customers together with its outstanding features at an affordable price, amazing hydrotherapy, plus massive energy savings.

When it comes to the choice of voltage, the Belize e480L Lounger Spa has two options: The first one is the Plug-n-Play version that requires 120v. This model only requires you to simply plug it into a standard 15A outlet with its supplied GFCI cord and is capable of operating the heater at 1 KW. The second option is the 240v hard-wired version wherein it is capable of faster heating due to its 4 KW.

The new generation Green Technology of the spa lets it achieve maximum efficiency even when you’re living in an area that has the harshest, coldest winter temperatures. If you live in warmer and milder areas then you will be able to save both money and energy even more for its operation.

The designers of this hot tub uses top of the line engineering to ensure minimal electrical consumption without the need to sacrifice any features. The awesome cabinet panels are backed with a reflective R-20 thermal barrier insulation to maximize thermal retention while it recycles waste heat coming from its pumps. The eSeries spa only uses a fully insulated ABS foundation to prevent heat-sink loss from happening.

Lastly, the eSeries spa features a much thicker 5” to 3” taper R-18 thermal spa covers. This feature along with the other thermal additions, you can guarantee that this hot tub will not only allow great energy conservation but will also enhance your overall hydrotherapy experience.

So if you plan on enjoying a hydrotherapy massage, the Belize e480L Lounger Spa is the kind of hot tub that every household owner should have.