Hot Tub Cover Buying Guide

Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub cover can be very tricky especially if you buy it online. But no worries, we are here to help you. In this article, we will talk about the basics in buying hot tub covers and getting that tub covered.

But before discussing hot tub covers, let’s talk about how to choose the right hot tub for you.

First, you can do a research online on the best hot tubs there is in the market.  You can read hot tub reviews to check the tub’s specifications and features. Don’t forget to check customer testimonials for the tub as this would show you if the tub actually delivers as promised. Doing this will save you time and energy from going to one shopping center to another. However, before buying, see if the hot tub is available in a market close to you. This would give you a look as to how that tub will work in the normal circumstances.

Also, it is better to go with a reputable hot tub manufacturer to ensure the quality of the hot tub that you are buying. These manufacturers can give you a detailed look of the features and specification and chances are there are a lot of satisfied clients that has given their reviews for the hot tub.

In choosing a hot tub, you would also need to visualize where you will put it. This way you can choose a size that will not occupy a lot of your space and will fit perfectly wherever you plan to place it. This will also prepare you to further ponder on the accessories needed as different places will require different accessory. For example, if you are planning to put your hot tub outside your house, then it is imperative for you to purchase a quality hot tub cover to protect your tub.

Before buying a hot tub, it is vital that you read reviews about them. One website that contains a holistic review of the tub is A good review is essential for you to have a peek on how the tub actually is without having to depend on what the manufacturers has to say. A review would include specifications of the hot tub, technology used for it and its special features. Also, the review will contain customer feedback, the pros and cons of the hot tub and the price when compared to other hot tubs available in the market.

Having that in mind, let’s talk about the main subject here. A hot tub cover is essential for any tub regardless of the type of the tub you actually have. Most would think of a hot tub cover as unnecessary but here are some of the reasons why you would want a hot tub cover.

First, a hot tub cover protects your tub from debris, dust and dirt from entering and polluting your water. This actually helps maintain your hot tub, allowing you to enjoy your tub much longer as it prevents debris from destroying your filter, pump and heater.  A tub cover also helps you to save energy because it helps maintain the temperature of the water where you want it.

It means less reheating and also less cleaning as it is protected by the cover. And although a cover could not bear the weight of an adult’s weight, it should work just fine in protecting children from getting into the tub and possibly drowning or even for animals that lurks around your backyard or wherever your tub is located.

Now that we have established why getting that tub covered is necessary, let’s now talk about the things that you should remember when buying a hot tub cover and getting that tub covered.

Choose a Hot Tub Cover from a Good Company

A good company usually has a good reputation. The most important thing is that it must have the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) seal. This will ensure that the hot tub cover meets all the standards set for its use and it has the materials that are safe for use and for your health.

Check the R Value of the Cover

The R value of a cover will help you save energy. But what is an R Value? This is the actual measurement of insulation that the hot tub cover has. The higher its value is, the higher its heat resistance. If you stay in a place where it rains or snows a lot, you will definitely need a hot tub cover with thicker core to be able to keep the water warmer and reduce your reheating needs.

Check the Foam of the Cover

The best foam for your hot tub cover is closed cell virgin foam. This absorbs moisture and is able to stand the pressure. The density of the foam and its thickness are also important when considering your choice of a cover. Thicker and dense covers are able to maintain water temperature even in the coldest weathers there is.

These foams should be covered with vinyl covering to ensure that the cover will last long. This is regardless of how heavy or how thick the foam of the cover is. In weighing the density of the foam cover, it is best to remember that 1 lb. covers are best for the indoors as they would not likely withstand the outdoors during the cold seasons. 2 lb. foam, however, is best for the outdoors as it is compact and can withstand ice or snow.

The Size of the Cover

The size of the hot tub cover should fit perfectly with the hot tub. Manufacturers usually make a custom cover for their tubs so it’s best to check if your tub manufacturer made one for your tub. If not, find the same cover size for your tub. A larger cover will not seal the warmth and a smaller cover will actually let the dirt inside your hot tub.

The Earthy Essence with Wooden Hot Tubs

hot tubsHydrotherapy involves the use of water in different temperatures to induce a healing effect. The fact that water can retain and transmit heat, it is the healing tool for making hydrotherapy very therapeutic. Hot water baths improve blood circulation, relax tensed and sore muscles and to reduce pain of wounds.
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Hot Spring Spa: Your Portable Hot Tub

Hot tub

Another day ended and you can feel all the stress has already built up and you can no longer think of anything else straight. All you want to do is give yourself a break, relax and get ready for another new day. You can feel your body acting up on you too. Too much of a day’s work and your muscles are all powerless and all you want to do is have it massaged and feel your whole body rejuvenated for more tasks to be finished. If you can relate to any of these situations, then it is high time for you to grant yourself a well-deserved relaxation through a hot spa therapy experience.

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Jet-packed Outdoor Hot Tubs


It is really nice when you have a hot tub inside of your bathroom so that anytime of the day, you can find some time to take a dip and relax in it while enjoying the comfort and the privacy of your home. But recently a lot of people has favored putting their hot tub on their backyards or in their patio, and why not? You can enjoy the heat of sun while you are having the time of your life being massaged by the jets of your tubs and the beautiful view that you get to enjoy while you are immersed in your tub can also add to that relaxed feeling.

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Sundance Hot Tub: Made for you

Hot tub is sundanceYou know that feeling of getting tired the whole week and you just can’t wait until you can get home and jump your way into a comfy bed. Wherein you can unplug yourself from work and looking for ways on how to have a temporary “me time” just to recharge for whatever another days and weeks have to offer you.

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Dimension One Spas: Experience Extraordinary

SpaFor centuries, people have discovered and embraced the amazing relaxation that hot spas can give. In today’s very demanding and stressful society, anybody would want to go home to a warm therapeutic massage that only hot tubs can offer. Well that’s not a problem because there are a lot of choices of varying brands and designs that are available in the market. All you need to know is what you want so that you can choose which kind of hot spa will best fit for you.

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Decent Covers Over Cheap Ones: Which One?

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Spa Covers Reviews

There are a lot of reasons why people tend to buy spa covers – keeping out children or pets from diving into a hot tub, keeping the leaves from falling into your hot tub, or just preserving the warmth just before you dip in the waters of your hot tub. When you have your very own hot tub at home, it’s almost a given that you buy a spa cover for your hot tub or have one that comes along with the purchase of the hot tub. Of course, it’s not a requirement to buy a spa cover if you have a hot tub at home, but it’s certainly a handy and convenient add-on that helps a lot.

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Choose the Best Outdoor Spa Just for You

You have an empty lot or what you consider as a certain “blank space” at the backyard of your house. This empty spot, you think, can be turned in to something that is a great addition and fixture in the exteriors of your house. Well, the space could no longer pass for a garage since you already have one. More so, it can’t even pass for an ideal spot to build a swimming pool since it just occupies a little space in your home’s outdoors. After days of deliberating on what to do with that blank space in your house, you finally decided to let it all go for a while.
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Choose the Best Hot Tub for You: 2015 Tubs Features


Just try to imagine different scenarios and put yourself into the shoes of different kinds of people who are all in search of just one same thing-quality relaxation. This kind of quality relaxation they are all looking for have been so evasive for quite some time already and probably, upon knowing what it is and upon being able to imagine why certain kinds of people are in search of this kind of relaxation, you will be able to provide ideas and answers for everyone’s benefit.

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Cedar Hot Tubs: Wooden Hot Tubs Review

 made up of wood

It can’t be denied that almost everything has a plastic counterpart now. Plastic has made things more durable and lasting. And it has been strongly attached to modern development, especially on consumerism. This is most probably because plastic stuffs have made things more convenient to us people. And in today’s society, convenience is what we want.
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Bullfrog Spas: Hot Tubs Redefined


Stress is everywhere. We wake up every day not knowing what may happen and how our day might end. We go to work and our jobs become too much sometimes. Our workloads are heaps and our deadlines are near. Traffic is still worse and queue lines are too. The people we meet sometimes say or do things that we don’t like and we snap. Oh we hate it when we snap because then every good thing seems to collapse and our minds get filled incessantly with negative thoughts. And what do we get? We get ourselves stressed. And how does our day end? It doesn’t end well.
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Artesian Spa: Your Best Spa Provider

SpaRewarding yourself with some pampering and relaxation once in a while greatly affects not only your physical health, but also your emotional wellness. From students who are drained from school works and activities, business people who are always busy, athletes who are always exposed to a lot of physical activities and just an ordinary person too, everybody needs a break.

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Best Covers for your Hottub Size

So you just had your first ever hottub sitting comfortable at the lawn of your house. What you have is not just an ordinary hottub but something that is really stylish, state of the art and definitely worth the thousands of bucks you spent on buying a partner for your relaxation. It is definitely good that you do not have to get out and spend money for trips to the spa since you already have your very own spa system ready at your own home.
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