Hot Tub Cover Buying Guide

Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub cover can be very tricky especially if you buy it online. But no worries, we are here to help you. In this article, we will talk about the basics in buying hot tub covers and getting that tub covered.

But before discussing hot tub covers, let’s talk about how to choose the right hot tub for you.

First, you can do a research online on the best hot tubs there is in the market.  You can read hot tub reviews to check the tub’s specifications and features. Don’t forget to check customer testimonials for the tub as this would show you if the tub actually delivers as promised. Doing this will save you time and energy from going to one shopping center to another. However, before buying, see if the hot tub is available in a market close to you. This would give you a look as to how that tub will work in the normal circumstances.

Also, it is better to go with a reputable hot tub manufacturer to ensure the quality of the hot tub that you are buying. These manufacturers can give you a detailed look of the features and specification and chances are there are a lot of satisfied clients that has given their reviews for the hot tub.

In choosing a hot tub, you would also need to visualize where you will put it. This way you can choose a size that will not occupy a lot of your space and will fit perfectly wherever you plan to place it. This will also prepare you to further ponder on the accessories needed as different places will require different accessory. For example, if you are planning to put your hot tub outside your house, then it is imperative for you to purchase a quality hot tub cover to protect your tub.

Before buying a hot tub, it is vital that you read reviews about them. One website that contains a holistic review of the tub is A good review is essential for you to have a peek on how the tub actually is without having to depend on what the manufacturers has to say. A review would include specifications of the hot tub, technology used for it and its special features. Also, the review will contain customer feedback, the pros and cons of the hot tub and the price when compared to other hot tubs available in the market.

Having that in mind, let’s talk about the main subject here. A hot tub cover is essential for any tub regardless of the type of the tub you actually have. Most would think of a hot tub cover as unnecessary but here are some of the reasons why you would want a hot tub cover.

First, a hot tub cover protects your tub from debris, dust and dirt from entering and polluting your water. This actually helps maintain your hot tub, allowing you to enjoy your tub much longer as it prevents debris from destroying your filter, pump and heater.  A tub cover also helps you to save energy because it helps maintain the temperature of the water where you want it.

It means less reheating and also less cleaning as it is protected by the cover. And although a cover could not bear the weight of an adult’s weight, it should work just fine in protecting children from getting into the tub and possibly drowning or even for animals that lurks around your backyard or wherever your tub is located.

Now that we have established why getting that tub covered is necessary, let’s now talk about the things that you should remember when buying a hot tub cover and getting that tub covered.

Choose a Hot Tub Cover from a Good Company

A good company usually has a good reputation. The most important thing is that it must have the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) seal. This will ensure that the hot tub cover meets all the standards set for its use and it has the materials that are safe for use and for your health.

Check the R Value of the Cover

The R value of a cover will help you save energy. But what is an R Value? This is the actual measurement of insulation that the hot tub cover has. The higher its value is, the higher its heat resistance. If you stay in a place where it rains or snows a lot, you will definitely need a hot tub cover with thicker core to be able to keep the water warmer and reduce your reheating needs.

Check the Foam of the Cover

The best foam for your hot tub cover is closed cell virgin foam. This absorbs moisture and is able to stand the pressure. The density of the foam and its thickness are also important when considering your choice of a cover. Thicker and dense covers are able to maintain water temperature even in the coldest weathers there is.

These foams should be covered with vinyl covering to ensure that the cover will last long. This is regardless of how heavy or how thick the foam of the cover is. In weighing the density of the foam cover, it is best to remember that 1 lb. covers are best for the indoors as they would not likely withstand the outdoors during the cold seasons. 2 lb. foam, however, is best for the outdoors as it is compact and can withstand ice or snow.

The Size of the Cover

The size of the hot tub cover should fit perfectly with the hot tub. Manufacturers usually make a custom cover for their tubs so it’s best to check if your tub manufacturer made one for your tub. If not, find the same cover size for your tub. A larger cover will not seal the warmth and a smaller cover will actually let the dirt inside your hot tub.

Best Hot Tubs 2015: Best Brands for Your Money

Best Hottube

Everybody would agree that we need a little bit of time off to relax ourselves from a day’s hard work. Today, we live in a society that’s constantly striving to improve economically and through our jobs, we are demanded to make this happen. Every day we wake up at the sound of our annoying alarm, jump off of bed still groggy, fix ourselves hurriedly and go to work making sure that we don’t get late by a minute. And when we arrive in our workplaces, we do the best that we can to fulfill the expectations that our jobs have placed upon our shoulders.
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The Wonderful Costco Hot Tubs – Are They Any Good?

Costco Hot Tubs

When you are planning to buy a hot tub, the first thing that you think of, if this hot tub is really worth it to spend a thousand bucks? The first thing you are checking if the manufacturer of this hot tub is more eligible than the other.

Probably most of the people would agree that Costco is one of the best manufacturer you would go if you are owning a big spa business, or for your very own big family. They provide the best deal for your household and they assure you that spending your money to them is a wise decision.

Costco Company doesn’t just offer you hot tub aside from the tubs they are offering, they also offers lots of variety for your households.

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The Spa in a Box will Give You Affordable Spa Luxury!

spa in a box

This portable Spa in a Box will give you hassle free set up in just 20 minutes. You can plug it into your regular household outlet. It has these micro air-jets that will provide you a vigorous body massage that will soothe your sore muscles the same with what any luxury hot tubs can give you. [Read more…]

Soft Hut Tubs

Soft Hut Tubs

Having a hot tub in our very own bathroom is one of pleasure feeling you will not get over with. Having one in a tiring day that will relax you in your very own home will not get enough of it.

But planning to buy a hot tub should think twice before buying one for your own bathroom.  There are a lot of hot tubs that at first you think of buying that brand of hot tub will fit your taste and your style.

You need also to check if it fits your budget and your style. If the manufacturer of the hot tubs constantly deliver their customer a great satisfactory quality for their hot tubs.

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The Luxurious Dynasty Spas

The Luxurious Dynasty Spas

Imagining yourself in a hot tub in your very own backyard, with all the beautiful things that surrounds your hot tub is a bit exciting and relaxing to think. You can already get over with your stress activities from your daily works. Aside from that, it can relieve your sore muscles from the strenuous activities.

The very first thing that will make you continue to your daily work is relieving from stress by going to spa. It’s good to have your own hot tub in your very own backyard.

The moment you step inside in your bathroom you will already feel the luxurious Dynasty Hot Tubs will give you. You imagine the dripping of the water to your body, the sound of the water that will left inside your system will help you relax.

Dynasty Spas never fails to deliver to their customers their main point in having a hot tub in your very own backyard. Their goal is providing you the simples but two thumbs up quality of experience in your spa.

They made the maintenance of the spa more affordable and not too complex for their customers while they deliver the spas that have their great qualities.

If you are looking for relaxation that will partner up with some entertaining and fitness, Dynasty Spa might be fits for you.

Harmony Collection

This collection provides the customers’ luxurious hot tubs with a great quality.

Melody – It’s Dynasty Spa Parts & Features

It can accommodate maximum of 6 adults. It has 50 illuminated oval titanium  gray and stainless steel jets what were maneuver by two 7 BHP pumps and the extra circulation pump. It also includes external tools for their music to add up the ambiance and beauty of entertaining.

Lyric – It’s Dynasty Spa Parts & Features

It can accommodate the maximum of 5 adults. The same with the Melody, it has illuminated oval titanium and were powered by 7 BHP. Difference of this hot tub from the other is that it includes the enhanced filtration with the plasma gap ozone feature.

Symphony – It’s Dynasty Spa Parts & Features

This is one of the newest model that manufactured by the Dynasty. It can room maximum of 6 adults. The features of the symphony is the same with the Lyric.

Rhapsody – It’s Dynasty Spa Parts & Features

This is the same with the other hot tubs features under the harmony collection, and it offers almost every option available.

Club Collection

This line of hot tub that will provide the customers the affordable and good quality of the hot tubs.

All hot tubs that will feature in this collection is more affordable and convenient to transfer to another place.

This is perfect hot tub for your second home or if your place is for renting. This is available in all the color selections that they have.

It features 16 LED jewel lights that will illuminated the features of the hot tub.

Digital topside controls were included for the controller buttons of the hot tub.

Maintenance free skirting were available in this series of hot tub.

Nautical Collection

In this collection, you will find hot tubs that has their unique shapes that will accommodate certain numbers of adults plus it will be convenient for the demand of your space and area.

This is great if you’re staying in your condo, town, home or duplex. It maximize your spaces available in your place.

It also includes 20 LED jewel lights that will illuminated the controls of the hot tub.

This is available in 110 or 220, and as well as it includes 24 trix style black and stainless steel jets. It added to its features the k-85 digital topside control panel.

I has different kinds of hot tub that will accommodate certain numbers of adults.

Choosing hot tubs is never that easy, but if you already have the idea on your mind, it will be more easier for you to choose.

The Above Ground Hot Tub

The Above Ground Hot Tub

A top one questions for the homeowners is whether is it necessary to get a hot tub or a spa for their own bathroom? Finding a hot tub for your very own bathroom is kind of tricky, but you need to be a wise buyer for it.

The Above Ground Hot Tub will offers you all the same with the other hot tubs the health and relaxation benefits in a much lower cost that will fit your budget in your pocket.

Excluding the other cheaper portable models which can really cost you less than $1000, the above ground spas will generally cost you from the range of $3000-8000. Aside from the very high end hot tubs it will cost you more than that.

Asides from the cheaper cost that will benefits you, this above ground spa will give you free from hassle, because of its easy installment. You can install them on any level surface and can be move them to a different location of your house.

It’s the most versatile hot tub since it will be adjusted to the way you want it to be.

Pros and Cons of Above Ground Hot Spas


This is the tub that will suit your budget. The prices for the above ground hot tubs will have the widest price range for all of the spa types.

A basic model of hot tub will cost you as little as $2,000 which is made from molded plastic called rotomold, while the luxurious one will cost you more than $15,000.

Extra costs will be from the suitable site for the installation of your hot tub, and you don’t need to bring contractor since it is an easy installation.


Acrylic is the most common material used for an above ground hot tub that backed by fiberglass. Way from the past, the acrylic surfaces will develop bubbles or any cracks from the hot tub but they already made some corrections for their modern versions.

The very stable option material for the ht tubs is the thermal plastic. Tubs that made from stainless steel is also very resilient, but it will cost you more.

Stress Free in Using It

The above ground hot tub should be installed in a level surface like a reinforced concrete that can hold the hot tub surely. It should also near the source of electricity to a standard 110-volt electrical outlet or a special 220 volt outlet for easy access of your tub.

This kind of hot tub is very precisely portable, but it is heavy to move in to other location you want it to be. But, you can bring it along with you when you are moving houses.

The Exterior of the Tub

Although the above ground hot tub can’t be customized the way you want the design to be, you were almost certain that you can find that will suit your taste for your very own bathroom.

Since these tubs can stand well above the ground level, they become the center for your landscape whether you like it or not, it is very worth in choosing one for your very own bathroom.

Some looks of the hot tub can be vary to different kinds of looks, some are like bulky plastic blocks, some has this elegant wood or faux- wood cabinets and some has the fanciest models that features the stone look veneers, have this color lighting and etc.

It Means…

The above ground hot tub has the large variety of styles and features to choose from. It doesn’t need any professional installation since you can install it by yourself with no hassle. And especially it is energy-efficient.

But the thing about the above hot tub is that it comes just in only standard shapes, sizes for their exterior design. When you are planning to install it somewhere, the place should be prepared once you are planning to transfer it there. It can have a vulgar feature in landscape.

The “Value Spa” – The Great Lakes Hot Tub

Great Lakes Hot Tub

Great lakes Spas’ goal is to provide the customers not just great satisfaction in their hot tubs, but they also provide user-friendly features, hassle free when it comes to their maintenance and add up the energy efficiency that will make your spa experience three thumbs up.

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Scenery Hot Tub Gazebo – Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas never fail to deliver their success in their hot tubs in the market. Their goals to success is to provide a wonderful hot tub experience to the consumers, that they will never worry for the maintenance since it’s cost less to operate.

Imagine having a hot tub outside of your backyard which it is safe under the rain or snow, will be such a pleasure to have. Arctic Spas is on the top of the market providing the consumers a hot tub gazebo.

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Price Philosophy for the Price of Hot Tubs

hot tubs

When planning a hot tub, the first thing that will include in your mind is the price of the hot tub. At the present time, consumers are naturally concerned with the price of the products and the question always, is it very costly?

There are a lot of factors when you consider when you are planning to buy a hot tub, the most important thing to consider is the initial cost, the usage and the life of the product so that you will know how much you will sped for the product.

Consumers at the present time are very eager when it comes to the product, they are checking first if it reached their ethical and environmental expectations when they buy it.

Regardless of their financial credit, everyone considers the price before making a step on buying the product.

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Portable Spa and Jacuzzi – You Can Bring Anywhere and Anytime

portable spa

Dipping your body in a hot tub or spa makes your whole body relax. Spa and Jacuzzi is already in our present time. Anywhere you can already find a spa that is always ready to provide you services.

Way back before, using of hot tubs and steam baths for health and wellness were already taking advantage by people. But before go dipping down your toes into a hot tub or spa; you need to know what you should consider on buying one.

In the present time we already have lots of variety to choose from for your portable bath tub and portable bath spa.

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Nordic Hot Tubs Review

Nordic Hot Tubs

Imagine this, you had a long and tiring day from your work or from doing all of your school work. It seems like your whole body is aching from all of the hard work and running around to meet deadlines that you have been all day, or all week. It’s Friday and at last! You finally have some free time for yourself to relax. Wouldn’t it be great if you can go home to a house where there is a hot tub waiting for you to erase the pressure that the week has caused you and to ease the pain the you are feeling all over.

Nordic has been a leader in providing a high quality and therapeutic hot tubs that customers can retreat to for them to refresh and regain the energy that all weeks work had taken from you. Nordic Hot Tubs has provided effective hydrotherapy at a reasonable and cost effective price since the year of 1995. The international experts who rate top quality products has named Nordic Hot Tubs as one of the five best hot tubs in the world!

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Jacuzzi Tub!


Jacuzzi is the official worldwide manufacturer of hot tubs, bathtubs, walk in bath tubs and etc.

They have different kinds and varieties that will surely fit your tastes and lifestyle in luxurious way in your very own bathroom. [Read more…]

The Indoor Hot Tubs are now in the Market!

indoor hot tubs

Having an outdoor hot tub in your own home is one of the pleasure feeling you will not get over with. Having one in a tiring day that will relax you in your very own home will not get enough of it.

But planning to buy an indoor jacuzzi should think twice before buying one for your own bathroom.  There are a lot of hot tubs that at first you think of buying that brand of hot tub will fit your taste and your style.

You need also to check if it fits your budget and your style. If the manufacturer of the hot tubs constantly deliver their customer a great satisfactory quality for their hot tubs.

Intex Hot Tub

Picture this. Having your own hot tub in your very own backyard will be the way for your stress reliever. Is it amazing to go home straight form your very tiring and very stressful work?

Thinking of going home that you already know when you got home there will be this devices that for sure you will depart from the stress and sore muscles.

Intex is again proving their dedication in developing and manufacturing highest quality of Intex portable spa.

Intex Inflatable Hot Tub

This is the most luxurious portable spa that is available in the market place today. The tub comes with a whole host that aimed at delivering a more comfortable and relaxing experience for all users.

It offers a robust and very reliable experience because of Fibre-Tech Construction, while them retaining its portability.

It can accommodate 4 adults that will definitely provide ultimate spa experience. When you buy this Intex inflatable hot tub, you will have 12 months warranty.

Each spa will have 4 color changing LED floating mood lights that will ad up to your ultimate spa experience.

It also included extras such as tub, cover, blower, heater and filter.

The portable Intex PureSpa inflatable hot tub allows you to pamper yourself in relaxing heated water surrounded by soothing bubble jets. The easy-to-use control panel activates the 120 high-powered bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing massage. The heating system adjusts to fit your personal temperature preference allowing a stress-free spa experience.

The Intex PureSpa hot tub provides simple maintenance with two easy-to-replace filter cartridges for lasting enjoyment for up to four people. The Fiber-Tech construction and the puncture-resistant three-ply laminated material of the Intex PureSpa provide the ultimate comfort, support and durability. An insulated cover and lock is included to minimize heat loss, and provides an added safety feature. A carry bag is provided for easy storage and transport. Water temperature range is 60 degrees to 104 degrees.

If your Intex Inflatable spa is outside and on grass, this will not be a big issue but bear in your mind that the surface and the surrounding materials when filling your hot tub. While this is a more robust hot tub that the other products is as simple to inflate and put it into the place you wanted it to be. This hot tub comes with its own blower which will ensure you that the tub is ready for dipping within 5 minutes with hassle free. There is no needed to pump up the hot tub therapy set up manually, all is already take care for you.

The Caldera Spas

Caldera Hot Tubs

Stress will transformed into relaxation when you are having a hot tub in your very own house. Tension will release from where it localized down to your muscles within. Muscles will recover from your strenuous daily activities.

You will feel the tranquility of your own place because it helps your mind clears. Your days will turn into slow one because of the relaxation on what hot tub gives you.

Caldera Spas Will Differ From the Other Spa Manufacturers

Caldera spas is focusing on the pure comfort that will give to the customers, pure performance and with its pure style.

Caldera spas will give you hot tub model that will definitely meet your specific appealing taste, size that will fit your own bathroom and budget that will suit your pocket.

With their unique features such as SpaGlo lighting, stainless-steel trimmed jets and the Acquarella waterfall, the Caldera Spas will give you their number one hot tubs in the industry.

Chains of Strings for their Hot Tubs

Utopia Series
In this series they features 4 premium hot tub models that will give you your new tastes and ideas for your home.

It includes 4 luxury hot tubs with a wide array of choices like exclusive hot tub jet features, lounge seating arrangements and many more.

  • Cantabria – For 8 Person
    This is a hot tub that will give you very spacious that is good for 8 adults, and it includes an UltraMassage lounge seat that will make you relax while taking a dip in your Cantabria hot tub.This UltraMassuese System will offers 6 different jet sequences at their 3 different speeds that will allow you to customize your hot tub adventure.
  • Niagara – For 7 persons
    This hot tub will accommodate 7 adults for your backyard space that will let you relax in your backyard.
  • Geneva – For 6 persons
    This hot tub is the same with Niagra but the difference in between is their lounge seats. It will accommodate 6 adult people.It includes patented Sole Soothers jets that will let you have a relaxation time with your family and friends.
  •  Tahitian – for 6 persons
    It includes a lounge seat that will accommodate 6 persons in your Tehitian hot tub. It includes the features and jets that will give a plus to your relaxation with an ultimate hydro-massage.You can exceptionally add optional wireless music system that will add up your spice in having a relaxing time.

Paradise Series
This series of Caldera Spa will gives you the luxurious hot tub without having the problem of a higher price.

It will let you relax knowing that your tub has this feature of hydro therapeutic massage that will add a quality to your hot tub.

  • Makena – For 6 Persons
    It has 46 jets and 12 points of light that will add to the backlit waterfall to enhance your experience in using Makena.
  • Salina – For 7 persons
    Their seating configuration is open for all your families and friends.Having a foot well that will let you give a foot massage is one of the powerful feature of Salina that all the users will enjoy this.
  • Martinique – For 5 persosn
    This hot tub has this “Sole Soother” Jets that will provide you direct stimulation to your feet.
  • Kauai – For 3 persons
    This hot tub fits both indoors and outdoors.
  • Vacanza Series
    This hot tub is great for corner unit either in your outdoors, indoors or anywhere in your house.
  • Aventine –  For 2 persons
  • Tarino – For 5 persons

Caldera Spa Parts is a Plus for You!
Caldera Spa did not fail in giving you the best experience in their hot tubs. Plus their accessories will give you two thumbs up in adding up spices in your own hot tub.

Lowest prices when it comes to their Caldera Spa Parts will includes Caldera Spa Filters, Caldera Spa Pillows, Heaters, Control Boards, Sensors, Circulation Pumps, Heater Relay Boards, Control panels and their Spa Lights.